Colorado School of Mines Materials REU:

Integrating Computation & Experiment to Create Revolutionary Materials

Why Materials Informatics?

The opportunities and challenges presented by data in materials science and engineering have expanded rapidly in the last two decades. Massive data repositories have emerged both from supercomputer-based modeling and from advanced experiments involving data-intensive measurements. Harnessing the full opportunities presented by this flood of data is going to be a persistent challenge; the next generation of scientists need training in the skills required to create, manage, and analyze these data-sets.

Integrating Computation and Experiment to Create Revolutionary Materials (ICECRM) is an REU program focusing on accelerating the development of new materials faster by harnessing the power of data and experiment. Visit our projects page to read about the specific research problems being investigated this summer.

Important Dates

  • Application Submission: Jan. 15th – Mar. 1st
  • Application Review Begins: Feb. 15th
  • REU Dates: May 18th – July 31st


Program Details

This REU is designed as an 11-week program where students will tackle an interdisciplinary problem in materials informatics. Participants will receive a stipend of $6,600 for the summer and will be provided with on-campus housing. Assistance with travel expenses is also offered.


Want more information on what you’ll work on in this REU program? Click here to see an overview of the individual projects.

Program Information

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